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Renée’s healing energy is absolutely incredible and has become an essential part of my self-care routine. I felt connected to Renée right away.  I met Renée several years ago and began seeing her every so often for massage therapy. During that time, I began to learn more about her practice and offerings. Feeling as though I could use some spiritual guidance, I scheduled an energy healing session with Renée and have been seeing her monthly for it ever since.  If I could find the time, I’d go weekly!


She is a kind, compassionate person who exudes positive energy. She truly believes in helping others (especially women) by sharing her special gifts with them.  I actually need these sessions for my spiritual and physical well-being. She provides a safe and comfortable place where I can connect with the world’s energy and escape the chaos for just a little bit. 


I know that Renée was brought into my life for a very special reason and I’m so grateful to know her.


~ Nicole Y

Renée has been my massage therapist for several years.  She is always professional, respectful, and knowledgeable.  Her natural coaching ability, intuition,   and resourcefulness consistently aim to support wellness.   She goes above and beyond in her time and treatment, creating a trust with her clients.  My experiences have been extraordinary and I highly recommend her. 


~ Trish M

I had my very first EFT session with Renée, and WOW! She’s incredibly knowledgeable, made me feel so comfortable with expressing my feelings, and supported & guided me through the whole process. I feel such a relief in my anxiety each and every time I practice the EFT script she gave me and feel a release of emotions that I had no idea were there. Amazing!

~ Sarah W

I had such an amazing experience with Renée!  I came in for a therapeutic massage with some energy work and she delivered! It wasn't my normal typical massage. We had just went through hurricane Ian. I have been carrying a lot with me and she absolutely picked up on it. She told me she felt I was “in my head” (yes I was.) She continued my treatment. I was so very relaxed yet I could feel my body, my head going through something! At the end of my service she asked what I had to do today. I said work (from home.) Not much else I could think of at the moment. She said well “I feel you are carrying a lot with you and your right leg moved like you had to go, have to move, have to get going.” She gave me tips to rid myself of all that energy I may accumulate. We spoke and I thanked her and left! I get out to my car to check my phone and I thought oh man I forgot I had training today at work later on. “Oh yeah I thought I do have more to do today.” But behold the message on my phone said “training is cancelled due to an emergency.” Whaaat?! I said this lady is a miracle worker! I mean she absolutely picked up on what my body was remembering I had to do, that my brain forgot (because I was so relaxed lol) I don’t believe in coincidences! I needed this today and obviously needed a break! She is magical and an absolute energy healer! Love her! It’s like therapy, massage, and healing in one! I have been going to Renee for a while and while all my sessions have been absolutely awesome today I realized just how extraordinary and blessed I am to have this woman in my life! 

~ Xochitl (sochee) D

Renée goes over and beyond to listen, understand, and treat problem areas. She has helped me listen to my body and honor it in a way that I had not been able to do before. Many women could benefit from her holistic approach and knowledge of a variety of therapeutic tools. I will continue to recommend her to other women looking for relaxation and/or healing. 

~ Lauren H

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