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Transitions & Transformation

During the past year, I have turned inward to discover what resonates the most with me, and how I want to share and grow my practice. After much thought, I am transitioning my practice to be more focused on women. Or... I have chosen to focus more on the needs of women in my practice. I will continue working with men as the spouses or partners of the ladies I am currently working with or from professional referrals, but I am not actively looking to bring more men into my practice.

Additionally, my primary focus for both massage therapy and as an integrative health coach is to help women who are living with anxiety, stress, overwhelm, headaches, and migraines. Stress and how it presents in the body can have long-term consequences so my goal is to share strategies that are easy to integrate and implement into everyday living.

In the reflection of the past year: I have acknowledged the profound effect that energy work, meditation, and tapping have had on my personal journey. I have been a Reiki master for several years but never used it in my practice. I have now decided that these wonderful tools will be a part of my practice.


Massage and Packages:

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