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What is tapping?

Emotional Freedom Technique is also known as tapping because that describes part of the process involved.  EFT has been around since the 1970s, and there are more than 20 years of research on its effectiveness.  (Check out the Resources tab for links).  

EFT combines the acupressure points of Traditional Chinese Medicine meridians with cognitive behavioral and emersion therapies.  There are nine tapping points that are part of the "original recipe", and these points can be used for a number of concerns or issues from anxiety and stress relief to more serious issues like PTSD.  Even the V.A. offers EFT to veterans for this specific diagnosis because studies have shown EFT to have positive and lasting effects including the rewiring of parts of the brain.

In my practice, I offer this technique to women who want to have techniques at their disposal to better deal with the stressors in life. For women living with anxiety and feelings of overwhelm, tapping is a great resource to draw upon.  


It can be done in the office setting or via zoom.  A typical session lasts about an hour, and during that time we come up with a script that can be used outside the session whenever needed to calm some of the feelings and emotions associated with the daily onslaught of stress, anxiety, and feelings of overwhelm women experience daily.

Additional issues such as cravings, phobias, stress and anxiety, test anxiety, and many more areas have been clinically researched. There is substantial metadata on it as well.

Research indicates EFT is beneficial in a variety of areas and also records lasting effects for many of these areas of concern.

Tapping can be done in a one-to-one setting or as a group program.  

A testimonial from Sarah W:

I had my very first EFT session with Renée, and WOW! She’s incredibly knowledgeable, made me feel so comfortable with expressing my feelings, and supported & guided me through the whole process. I feel such a relief in my anxiety each every time I practice the EFT script she gave me, and feel a release of emotions that I had no idea were there. Amazing!

Let's get tapping!

Some Tapping Topics:​

  • Pain - generalized or specific

  • Stress and/or anxiety

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Test anxiety

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