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What Is Manual Lymph Drainage & What Can It Mean for You?

Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) is a type of light pressure modality that follows a specific protocol of rhythmic movements to stimulate and redirect the flow of stagnant lymphatic fluid to a less congested area.  The buildup of fluid can be from an injury, sinus congestion, post-surgical swelling, retention of fluids following a pregnancy, as a side effect of some cancer treatments (such as lymph node removal and/or radiation), and in some cases, even from tattoo sleeves on the arms or legs that do not leave unmarked skin available for the lymph to flow as well as a number of other circumstances.

In the last 20 years, Western medicine discovered that the fascia or connective tissue of the body is actually a pathway for the lymph fluid to flow throughout the body system and not just packaging to stabilize the organs and other tissues of the body as previously believed. When I received my training in the Vodder technique in 2015, the class was instructed that the Central Nervous System (the brain and spinal column) did not connect to the lymphatic pathways of the body; however, since then, it was discovered and confirmed that the CNS is connected to the lymphatic system. So much is being learned every day in modern medicine, and it’s great we are making such advances. Ayurveda, the medical and spiritual practice of India, and Traditional Chinese Medicine have practiced lymphatic stimulation techniques for more than five thousand years. It is wonderful that Western and Eastern practices are beginning to coexist and work together to benefit the entire body’s systems.

Since I have been offering MLD, I have seen positive results for many of the situations previously listed. Physical therapists have sent referrals of post-surgical patients who had plateaued in their recovery; and after working with them, the client experienced marked improvement in range of motion and reduced swelling. Additionally, working with cancer clients with lymphedema or post-surgical swelling has shown marked improvement with consistent care. Swelling in the body can be a painful experience. In numerous cases,

MLD may be beneficial for the reduction of swelling and improved lymph function.

Manual lymph drainage is a very gentle and relaxing technique that may be added to the end of a standard massage session if there are no contraindications for this modality. It is not recommended for anyone with a pacemaker or congestive heart failure along with a few other exclusions.

Curious how MLD may benefit you or someone you know?

Contact me: 386•689•5289 or

Ways to move lymph: manually, facial cupping with MLD, taping for lymphedema or lymphatic flow, rebounding.

Health bounce rebounder video:


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