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Life has a way of taking us by surprise sometimes.  We can get derailed by unexpected illnesses or by experiences outside of our control.  It sure did for me.  In 2013, I attended a social event that changed the course of my life. I contracted two types of food poisoning and then had a reaction to the medication I was given that was supposed to make me better. I was in isolation for four days and was terrified. I was finally released on Thanksgiving evening, and I was very thankful!  Unfortunately, as a massage therapist I could not work because my arms (neck & legs) were covered in nickel to quarter sized blisters. I was out of work for three months.

This experience was the beginning of my journey for better health. I was extremely weak, and my chosen career was very physical. It took a long time to become strong again. Around the same time, cancer touched my life through family members. That's how I discovered oncology massage which put me on my current path. Working with cancer patients exposed me to research and statistics that indicated lifestyle has a much greater effect on our bodies and the occurrence of cancer than previously thought. It was at this time I really jumped in full force to improve my health. I listened to nutritional podcasts and read everything I could find about better food choices. I attended the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2016.  Since my time in the hospital, I have gotten stronger, lost 35 lbs., kept it off and cut my blood pressure medication in half.  I share my journey to encourage others undergoing difficult experiences to realize change is possible. Additionally, I participated in the Functional Nutrition Alliance program Full Body Systems which approaches the body as a whole and the person as an individual.  Each person's circumstances and experiences have led them to where they are so their health journey should be unique as well.  

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